Beauty Trends For 2023. What are the trends for upcoming season?




We love beauty. Thats one thing that is for sure. I like to try out new things, new looks, new make-up products, new hair colors etc.

You can have a look at beauty looks for more. Next month coming a new look, stay tuned;)

2023’s beauty is characterized by all things visionary, both in terms of application and result, from airy adornment to glow-up highlighter.

The Most Important Beauty Trends in 2023

In 2023, the reflective reign of the glistening, futuristic, and ever-so-slightly altered Y2K period will continue, its style modified as a study in a soft-yet-funny palette. Make-up artist Marcelo Gutierrez created a variety of holiday looks with Y2K inspiration for our seasonal enjoyment. Watch for metallics, frosted details, and holographic shadows.

1.Warmer Hair Colors

Your favourite colors are becoming warmer. Think Bella Hadid’s Aspen blonde (a big hit) and Kim Kardashian’s honeyed lengths to get an idea of the rich, warm hues used for hair, ranging from blonde to brown. Even peroxide will take into consideration personal tones for a pleasing result. A natural feel characterizes these dimensional hues.

2.Flashback Makeup

In 2023, the skin will be illuminated. Applying washes of radiance with care may give clean, well-groomed complexions an extraordinary shine that seems more like the primary benefit than a brightening afterthought. For an exquisite example, look at Gucci’s spring 2023 runway and the “Old Hollywood Flash” highlighter, which makeup artist Thomas De Kluyver created to resemble the effects of vintage flash photography.

3.Body and Face Jewelry

2022 saw a continuation of the (exaggerated) popularity of embellishments, and 2023 is expected to bring about even more transient adornments that transform the face and body into living works of art. Whether you prefer a freckle-like jewel placement, gem-encrusted brows like those at Peter Do (or in our collaboration with Gutierrez), the kind of third-eye jewels applied by Isamaya for Giambattista Valli, or the plethora of surrealist additions showcased at Puppets and Puppets (butterflies! stars! crystals! ), extras are sure to evolve even further in the coming months. Additionally, if your usual makeup is more modest, try the 3D trend on your nails.

4.Numerous Liner

Extended cat flicks are undoubtedly here to stay. Still, eyeliner will continue to draw attention in the new year, whether it’s drawn heavily and finished with an unusual touch, like Peter Philips’s crisscross liner for Dior, or freely at the outside corners, like the siren eyes trend on TikTok. Ample liner is consistent with the romantic goth and grunge sleaze revival now sweeping social media. Additionally, experts claim that new technologies are assisting in making liner simple to apply and challenging to remove once the ideal effect is reached.

5.More Fun With Fewer Brows

We now often wear statement-making brows that are slim (or silent). This year saw the comeback of bleached arches and slim Y2K brows (the switch from brushed-up brows was predicted), and the latter trend’s appearance on recent runways indicates that the less-is-more philosophy is likely to persist. Givenchy followed Marc Jacobs’ lead in autumn by wearing hardly their brows to celebrate the transparency theme. In the spring, Marc Jacobs debuted bleached brows on the catwalk. Doja Cat went a step further and completely removed her brows for a style that was initially disturbing and then gorgeous in its abnormality.

6.Skincare As Cosmetics

The new cosmetics are a natural complexion. Tata Harper’s masks and treatments were included in both Khaite and Gabriela Hearst’s spring 2023 collections, while Brandon Maxwell and Proenza Schouler emphasized minimal makeup that allowed for the prominence of fresh skin. At Fendi and Altuzarra, highlighter, brush strokes, or bronzer was used to sculpt and define the skin that would otherwise be bare, and glossy lips completed the looks. The lesson was evident in each instance: A well-honed skin care regimen cannot be missed.

7.Always-Changing Shags

A mullet has never been less contentious. While any cut is acceptable in the age of modern beauty, the retro shag is undergoing a stylish (and wholly modern) metamorphosis. The updated versions of the traditional mullet shag have been trending on social media, prompting individuals who like short hair to be creative with their styling thanks to looks like the jagged, unrestrained wolf cut and the grown-out (and more feminine) octopus cut.

8.Shiny Manicures

Despite the abundance of gems, glitter, and other decorations, a gorgeous, polished manicure will still be the pinnacle of 2023’s nail trends. There is nothing worse than a gorgeous color squandered on ungroomed nails, according to Tom Bachik, the nail technician behind Jennifer Lopez’s cult-favorite manicures. Before even going for the polish, he advises, “Focus on good pretreatment.”

So what do you think of these beauty trends 2023? Is there something for you?

Maybe a warmer color this summer..who knows!

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