Famous Australian YouTubers You Should Know




Famous Australian Youtubers you should know about.

Australian Youtubers you should know about.

One of the most widely used venues for content producers to display their skills and engage with a worldwide audience is YouTube. Several great Australian YouTubers with millions of subscribers and following are products of Australia. We’ll look at some of the most well-known, famous, popular and funny Australian YouTubers you should be familiar with in this blog article.

Here are 5 Australian Youtubers you should know about: 

1.Chloe Ting

Australian YouTuber and fitness influencer Chloe Ting is well-known. She is renowned for her fitness competitions and training videos and has a sizable fan base in Australia and abroad. Chloe is among the most popular Australian YouTubers, with over 20 million followers. Chloe launched her YouTube channel in 2011, and over time, she became one of the fitness industry’s most famous personalities. Her films address a variety of subjects, such as fitness advice, nutrition planning, and training challenges. She has also worked with other fitness-related companies like Gymshark and Lululemon.

The “2-Week Shred Challenge,” a thorough exercise plan that guarantees to help participants reach their fitness objectives in only two weeks, is one of Chloe’s channel’s most well-liked features. Fans have come to love her physical challenges, making Chloe a well-known personality in the fitness world. Chloe is said to be worth $8 million, the approximate amount of her net worth. This shows her success as a content developer and fitness influencer.

2.Laurin Curtis

Laurin Curtis is a well-known social media influencer and YouTube star from Australia. She has a significant fan base in Australia and abroad and is renowned for her lifestyle and beauty content. Laurin is among the most successful Australian YouTubers with more then 3 million subscribers.

Since launching her YouTube channel in 2012, Laurin has amassed a devoted following of followers who value her openness and likability. She discusses a variety of subjects in her videos, such as fashion tips, lifestyle vlogs, and beauty lessons. She has also worked with companies such as Princess Polly, Benefit Cosmetics, and L’Oréal.

Her beauty instructions are among Laurin’s most-watched videos on her channel. She often discusses her favorite beauty items and tricks for doing beautiful makeup. Her admirers value her knowledge of the beauty industry, and her makeup lessons vary from simple, daily looks to bolder, more dramatic ones. Laurin is said to be worth $1 million, the estimated amount of her net worth. This shows her success as a content producer and influencer.

3.StealTheSpotlight by Katie

Katie is the owner of the well-known Australian YouTube channel StealTheSpotlight. Katie’s channel has 500k members and specializes in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and DIY topics. Her professionally made films are aesthetically gorgeous, often showcasing her style and eccentric attitude. In 2010, Katie launched her YouTube channel; she has amassed a devoted following. Her writing is engaging and educational and often includes her experiences and ideas. Her channel is a popular stop for followers searching for opinions and advice since she has a particular passion for fashion and style.

Her “thrift flip” films, in which she takes used or thrifted items and turns them into fashionable attire, are one of Katie’s most watched videos on YouTube. Katie’s YouTube fame has also opened doors for her off the site. She has worked as a presenter and host for several events and presentations and has cooperated with companies, including Princess Polly, Benefit Cosmetics, and Nivea. Katie’s net worth is thought to be $500,000, according to estimates. This shows her success as a content producer and influencer. Her commitment to her profession has paid off due to the hard effort she put into creating a brand that connects with her audience.


A well-liked Australian YouTube channel called XtremeGamez is owned by two brothers named Cody and Marcus. Let’s Plays, reviews, challenges, and another video game-related material are the channel’s primary areas of interest. One of Australia’s most-watched YouTube channels is XtremeGamez, with over 6.5 million followers. Since launching the channel in 2013, Cody and Marcus have gained a devoted fan base who adore their exuberant personalities and funny pranks. They often work with other well-known YouTubers and gaming celebrities to produce exciting material.

The “Last to Leave” challenge series is among the most well-liked XtremeGamez channel features. In these videos, Cody and Marcus face off to determine who can persevere through a long struggle. These difficulties include spending a lot of time playing video games to living in a haunted home.

Cody and Marcus are worth $2 million in net worth. This demonstrates their success as influencers and content producers. They have worked hard to position themselves as key characters in the gaming industry and have created a brand that connects with their followers.


The leading Australian YouTuber JerushaCouture is maintained by Jerusha, a fan of both fashion and beauty. She is not so big but her channel is one to check out. Jerusha’s channel has more than 400,000 members and specializes in luxury fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics. Her instructive and entertaining films often showcase her distinctive personality and fashion sense.

In 2010, Jerusha launched her YouTube channel. Since then, she has amassed a devoted fan base that admires her taste in high-end design and her enthusiasm for luxury items. Her YouTube channel has a wide range of content, such as reviews of designer handbags, hauls of cosmetic products, and luxury trip vlogs.

Jerusha’s “What Fits in My Bag” series, in which she displays what she carries in her fancy handbags, is one of the most well-liked videos on her channel. These movies, which give viewers a peek into the world of high-end clothing and accessories, have become fan favorites. Jerusha is said to be worth $1 million in net worth. This shows her success as a content producer and influencer. Her commitment to her profession has paid off, and she has become a prominent person in high-end fashion and beauty.


These are just a select number of Famous Australian YouTubers you should know about. Of course, there any many more. In Holland we also have a lot of cool Youtubers. On YouTube, content ranges from gaming to fashion, and these artists have shown that anybody can create a popular channel with enough effort and commitment. These Australian YouTubers are worth checking whether you’re searching for fun, inspiration, or just some good entertainment.


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