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The lifestyle of an entrepreneur.

Are entrepreneurs actually crazy? An online entrepreneur in this case.

Entrepreneurs are all a little crazy or should I say nuts, right?

A person with extreme drive, the drive that only an entrepreneur can understand looks like a madman to the ordinary person. Entrepreneurs are ordinary people, (or is that extraordinary?) it’s everyone else that thinks they are crazy.  But look at it this way, crazy entrepreneurs have a few things that maybe you don’t.

Do you have your own brand that makes you money to buy whatever you want? 

Do you have the freedom to work when you want to work and play when you want to play?

Do you LOVE what you do? (Like is not good enough!)

There are two types of crazy in this world and only one of them is a good crazy.

Crazy 1:  Sits in traffic or has a tiring commute and goes to work sometimes but not always with a smile on their face. Their boss tells them to work from 9 to 5 five or six days a week. Works when everyone else is working. Only just pays the bills and has a small side-hustle that gives them a little extra cash which they never have time to spend. After 5 years in this job, nothing changes. Only 45% of people are satisfied with their job and only 20% are passionate. These people are crazy because they work to pay their bills and they believe there is no other way.

Crazy 2: Has no commute or a long journey to work and has a smile on their face every day. They are their own boss, so no one tells them how many hours to work or when to work. They work longer hours and love spending time at work. They have paid their bills and have plenty left to spend each month. Work means they can do their job anywhere at any time and have fun whenever they want. After one year in this job the average person only has to work 27 hours a week to earn more money than they need. This person is crazy because all they think about is what they do for work, often work long hours and puts their passion first in just about everything.  People like this know that being employed by a boss takes away all their freedom, fun and amazing money.

Which is the good crazy?

When you look at the entrepreneur closely you will see the former waitress, receptionist or even social worker is not as crazy as you think. The entrepreneur has often been driven crazy by a dead-end job that has seen them looking for a way out. This kind of crazy contains the secret ingredient that makes magic happen… Passion!

Crazy starts with an Idea

Anyone can think up an idea but only a smart and somewhat crazy person can take an idea and turn it into a successful brand. Speak to any successful self-made person and you will find out just how crazy they are. Launching an idea that only you understand, with no clue if it will be here today and gone tomorrow is perhaps the definition of insanity.

If you are prepared to risk everything, your life savings, your friends, your relationship and maybe even your mind for the financial freedom your idea can bring then you are fully equipped to succeed. You need to be completely nuts before embarking on an entrepreneurial dream, trust me plenty of people will tell you so.

Entrepreneurship is a bumpy ride; full of risk, challenges, and tough, or I should say, impossible, choices a lot of which can barely be noticeable even by the closest friends and family. It can be a lonely journey that will see you spend hours alone with you, yourself and your idea. On the outside looking in this makes you different there will be whispers of you being the crazy person.

Your idea is your baby. The painful experience in your dead-end job means there is no going back once you have started. In a fired-up entrepreneur the desire for success is such that nothing gets in the way.

An Unfinished Rollercoaster in the Dark

Entrepreneurship is a crazy ride like no other. With an idea only you understand, a few drawings in your head and some sketchy advice from a weird person you found on the internet, you are on your own. Starting your own business and becoming an entrepreneur is like a rollercoaster ride, a free -fall journey down a track that you know will be the ride of your life.

But anyone can climb on a rollercoaster and enjoy the ride. There is only minor craziness in doing what everyone else is doing. For absolute success, you need the really crazy ride, one where the stakes are so high that you need to be insane to get on it. The rollercoaster the most successful entrepreneur’s ride requires a special type of craziness as the ride is in the dark, it moves fast and the track ahead of you needs to be built as you “enjoy” the ride.

Will you get on this ride?

Anyone would tell you that you are crazy if you get on a roller coaster in the dark where you need to still build the track. But when it comes to your idea you throw caution to the wind because you are so confident and so certain of your success. To everyone else, you look like a lunatic but you have done your research, listed more pros than cons and know you can do it!

Not everyone will get you. Some who don’t (never will) understand you or what you are doing will try and talk you out of it. (a lot actually). A handful will want to know your secret, they will come to you in secret not wanting to be seen as crazy.  Those who have succeeded before you will become your best friends – even that weird person on the internet you barely knew at the start of things. To make you even weirder and even less understood you will have friends who are as passionate as you that others think are as crazy as you… but that’s a good thing as you will see below.

Welcome to My World

As a kid, I could imagine being in crazy or amazing places. Disneyland is boring compared to the places I could dream up. These dreams are what the world of an entrepreneur is like. It’s a world full of fantasy and imagination that no one else believes are true or even can come true. Others think you are crazy and living in a dream, they will try and “talk sense” to you but your drive is such that you won’t listen. Your whole world is about your idea, your business and your success to come.

The dream world in which an entrepreneur lives is not always full of joy and laughter. Just having a good idea does not bring the freedom, the nice things and the deep happiness you desire. You need to execute your idea, take it from paper or a computer screen in my case and make it happen. While an entrepreneur is a crazy thinker and dreamer he or she is also a hardworking doer. To do and to achieve, you need a team (damn yes), there is no way you can do this alone you need to find the people (or they will find you because they are curious about your crazy idea and want to share in your success) and build the team. Building a team is daunting at first and even you think you are crazy to be doing what you do.

Then there is all the planning, a marketing plan, a financial plan and a plan of action. This is where people try and prove that you are nuts doing what you are. During the planning stage very little actually happens and money isn’t made, (this is crazy to others) you spend hours locked away and all you can think about is the plan. This is the most important stage where an entrepreneur is seen as crazier than ever but without this stage and without intense focus success cannot happen.

So are you an entrepreneur? Do you often feel weird and misunderstood?

Join the club!

I hope you enjoy my content.

mandy b.
mandy b.
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