Alternative fashion blogs to check out.




Alternative fashion blogs. Okay there are not many, but there are some cool/dope ones to check out.

I wouldn’t say my blog is alternative. Yes it is different, it is original and edgy, but I like to mix up styles and I think this is the future trend. Not only wearing gothic, no mix up gothic with urban for example. Classy with urban, classy with gothic, some vintage items with some urban tems for example. Mixing up colors.

Do it differently. Be original!

Here are 3 (YES, JUST 3?! LIKE WHAT WHERE ARE THE EDGY LADIES?) alternative fashion blogs for girls with a bit of an edge!

1.Sophie Hannah Richardson

This women is cool and dope and original. She doesn’t update her blog so much anymore but she is active on Instagram and YouTube. Colors, glitters, original make-up, the festival look. She has loads of unique avant-garde looks, incorporating glitter and beautiful decorative jewels into her everyday style. Another reason to love Sophie Hannah Richardson is that she has a lot of hair and makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel. She has more then 300k abonnees. You can follow her Instagram here. One to watch! LOVETHIS GIRL!

2. Luanna Perez

Luanna is another cool, edgy and alternative fashion blogger at Be happy girl! You look good. Have a look at her gorgeous Instagram here. She has more then 2 million followers. Luanna has a more offbeat style than most fashion bloggers, so expect lots of grunge and punk-inspired outfits. She does updates her fashionblog (good girl!). Bring blogging back. Make your blog a brand and write about more then your clothes..I really think blogging is coming back and Instagram had its best days. Its a fake world and bad for your mental health.


This girl really has the gothic style. Olivia’s amazing style evokes the 80s and 90s, with black definitely being her preferred colour! She is great at displaying lots of different textures in her looks, which makes her’s one of the best alternative fashion blogs to check out.

Her blog is not updated anymore, so she probably focusses on Instagram (like everybody nowadays). These are missed changes because blogging can make you a lot of money if you do it right and focus on content people search for.

So who are we missing here?

To be honest we like colorful and edgy Instagrammer: Romy D’fonseca.

Check her out on the gram.

mandy b.
mandy b.
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