Why is Kim Kardashian so popular? Is she a bit overrated?




Why is Kim Kardashian so popular?Is she a real star? A star born to shine in this universe? No, she is just very famous. She its not a shining star and she is not talented. 

So do you want to write about these people, about other celebs and why they are famous. Do you know more about the people? Then start a gossip/news blog and become famous yourself with your blog. Not only famous like Perez Hilton, but also rich with a blog. Learn everything here and do it professional right away. 

There is not a day you can pass by, without seeing something from the Kardashians on the web and especially KIMK on thee web.. They are always in the news so its obvious that they are very popular. Kim Kardashian likes media attention and also uses this media attention to promote her brands so that is actually a smart move. Once you are famous you can use your fame for profit.

A lot of people love this woman and a lot of people will wonder why. Although she is a successful social media personality and entrepreneur, we think she is a bad influence for young people. The Kardashians and Jenners changed the beauty industry for good. The look of what is beautiful is completely changed because of them, although thick and naturel women are coming back. The real vs not real images are trending on Instagram. But still a lot of young girl now get lip fillers, butt implants and more to look like their icons. The plastic surgery is booming thanks to Kimk and it was not necessary at all. She actually was a natural beauty back in the days. Now she looks too plastic.

Her brands are SKIMS and SKKN by KIM (which is a total flop btw). Skims is her best brand till now. The brand is worth 3 Billion. Like what? Kim Kardashian is even a Billionaire now and joined her sister in it, Kylie Jenner. Kylie Jenner is also very famous and popular and she is also a Billionaire because of her make-up brand Kylie Cosmetics. We tried it out and yes we like it. We like the lipkits. We will try out other products soon.

Although Kim Kardashian has a lot of fans, she also has a lot of haters and that is obvious because every celebrity will have haters. Some people don’t understand how you can be famous without having talent. But in this generation talent has nothing to do with fame. A lot of talentless people are very famous and popular. These are the facts of this generation. Some people only care about looks attention.

So why is Kim Kardashian so popular? She is famous and a lot of people like her looks and brands. But every famous star also has haters. Its not all glamour. But being famous can make you big bucks.

Die hard fan?

Read here more about the Kardashians and their influence on the world and society.


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