5 Indian Beauty Influencers in 2024 you should know!.




Indian beauty influencers of 2024. Who are the best nowadays?

Most beauty brands, like makeup brands, always look for influencers who have millions of followers on their social media platforms, primarily based on Instagram followers. Nowadays, TikTok is also trending regarding this. And of course we have YouTube and beauty bloggers. This method is very cost-effective for the brands and very good for the influencers because they get more content for their audience and they can make a lot of money from their Instagram. In this article we focus on Indian beauty Instagram influencers. Of course Influencers is a broad phenomen but for now we focus on the gram (and of course most Instagrammers also have Youtube etc).

Why are Indian Beauty Influencers Famous?

As beauty influencers from all around the world are famous. But Indian beauty influencers are very consistent. Due to the Hindi language, they get engagement from Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. The brands approach them and collaborate with them at a low rate compared to USA influencers. They always have new looks, brands and information for their audience. 

Who Are Beauty Influencers?

Beauty influencers are people who share their expertise in skin-care, haircare, make-up, nails, and other beauty topics via social media. They use various social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, to do so. These social media platforms help them engage with people interested in their topic. The example is, if you are an expert in cooking, then your social media audience will be interested in cooking. That’s how you will get the maximum engagement. 

What do Beauty Influencers Do? 

Beauty influencers help you get information about the most trending designs, brands, and makeup products.  You can discover what beauty influencers say about different products by looking at their Instagraqm. The brands they feature are typically unique, current, and on-trend. They often use celebrities to make a connection with the product.But the real key to differentiating yourself is to provide original content that engages with your audience. To get the most out of influencer marketing, it’s essential to work with brands that support and encourage influencer marketing.

Here we are going to discuss the top 5 Indian beauty influencers. You can get inspiration from them if you want to be a beauty influencer. Or maybe you are just a make-up lover like me, so you should follow them for the latest updates and information.  

5 Indian Beauty Influencers in 2024: 

1.Nagma Mirajkar

Nagma Mirajkar is 28 year old top indian beauuty influencer. Her hometown is Mumbai, India. She is an active beauty Instagram influencer with 6.4 million followers. She got an average of 137.4k likes and 510 comments. She is the number 1 Indian beauty influencer because of her 6.4 million followers on Instagram. As she is only active on Instagram, she misses many audiences from Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. She didn’t have her official website, which will lead her to miss many crazy beauty product lovers worldwide searching for it on google. 

2.Ashi Khanna 

Ashi Khanna is a popular actress and model. She is famous for her lip sync videos on TikTok. She is a beauty influencer on Instagram with 1.7m followers. She is also an active YouTuber with 814k subscribers. Her average video views on Instagram are about 223.4k. She is only active on TikTok, Instagram, and youtube.. Most importantly, she doesn’t have her beauty blog. Blogging can help her get more followers and engagement on Instagram and YouTube. A lot of these social media influencers forget the importance of blogging and making money through a blog. 

3.Somya Gupta

Somya Gupta is a 23-year-old Indian beauty influencer. Her birthplace is Mumbai. She is a popular content creator on TikTok and Instagram. She has a keen interest in modelling and acting. Due to her engaging content, she got 866.2k followers on Instagram in a short time, with 43.9k average likes and 112 comments.

Somya Gupta is gaining popularity day after day due to her engaging content on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube. So she is all allround influencer.

4. Priyanka Khera

Priyanka Khera is a 30-year-old. Her hometown is New Delhi. She is an Instagram beauty influencer with 1.4m followers. Her engaging content got almost 42.2k average likes and 544 comments. She has good engaging content on Instagram. She is not only a beauty or social media influencer but also an actor as she is only active on Instagram. She is missing lots of audiences from other social media platforms. The audience from other social media platforms will bring more opportunities to her. So just some tips for the influencers!

5.Parul Garg Makeup

Parul Garg is a make -up artist getting popularity day by day. She became famous because of her fashion style and beauty videos. She got millions of followers on her social media to account quickly due to engaging content. She has 2.3m followers on Instagram with an average of 38.5k likes and 166 comments. She is not only active on Instagram but also on other platforms like Youtube. Her youtube channel has 1.1M subscribers.Her presence and engagement on different social media platforms show how perfectly she manages all of them. Her engaging content deserves lots more. But she is missing lots of audiences or crazy makeup lovers because she is not paying attention to blogging.

We have discussed 5 Indian beauty influencers in this article with their social media stats. They are getting more followers due to engaging content. But they are missing lots of audiences because all of them don’t have a beauty blog. Most influencers nowadays are active on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. That means more chances for new upcoming bloggers.

A lot of women nowadays forget the importance of also having a blog. Instagram in fact does not make you that much money actually. There are to many Instagrammers nowadays want to get famous and make money with ads. But the competition is too big.

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